Frequently Asked Question

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Difference between BetterPay and QlicknPay?

We have rebranded QlicknPay to BetterPay. Both domains are owned and operated by Pay Direct Technology Sdn Bhd.

I don't have a company. Can I still use BetterPay?

Unfortunately no. We are required by law to only allow registered companies or enterprise with SSM to use our services.

Are you registered with Financial Institutions?

Yes. We are an authorized Payment Service Agent (PSA) registered by Paynet and Maybank, OCBC and Bank Islam. We are also a registered System Integrator with Paynet

I don't have a website. Can I still use BetterPay

Yes. You can collect payments using our built in Payment Forms and Payment Links. We also provide a Product Management System Free of Charge

Do you support WordPress or other software?

Yes. We have ready plugins for WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Drupal and ECWID. You can also integrate directly with us using our APIs.

Can you integrate with Android or IOS apps?

Yes. Our REST based APIs can be easily integrated into Android or IOS. We can provide sample codes if you require.

Is there any setup or annual fees?

No. There is no setup or annual fees to get started. All fees are transaction based and will be debited automatically by your bank.

What is the settlement time?

FPX Online Banking - Instantly
MasterCard/Visa - T + 1
E-Wallets - Twice Weekly

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